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Using Rape To “Fix” Gay People

on December 29th, 2009 by B.Graff

One of the many absurdities gay people have to contend with is dealing with people who believe same-sex desires can be modified with a little heterosexual lovin’.

A benign form of this is challenging gay people by asking if they’re sure and trying to find out if they have had heterosexual sex, as if sexuality was an item subject to comparison shopping. Nobody asks heterosexuals to experiment with gay relationships to verify their straightness.

And then you have charlatans running “ex-gay” programs where a combination of counseling, Christianity and peer pressure is supposed to turn gay people into upstanding heterosexuals. The American Psychological Association rejected so-called “conversion therapy” earlier this year and films have chronicled the failure of the ex-gay industry, yet they continue to thrive. Gospel singer Donnie McClurkin is well-known for promoting his story of how the church “took the gay away” and condemning those who refuse to follow his lead. Uganda is now considering “conversion” instead of the death penalty for gays.

Finally, there are those who take the most sinister approach and force gay people into heterosexual sex.

This recently happened in Australia, where a man made his 14 year old son have sex with a prostitute because he was scared the child was gay. According to the article, the father waited on a balcony of a motel room, continuously walked in on the pair, and demanded a used condom for evidence they’d had sex. The father has been charged with rape.

The situation is worse in South Africa, where “corrective rape” of lesbians has reached epidemic proportions.

All of this, simply because people refuse to let others live their lives as they see fit, even when they aren’t harming anybody. Will people ever overcome the desire to impose their version of morality on individuals they don’t know?

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